November 27, 2004

The owner delivered this Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow to our shop.

He is a capable mechanic and wood restorer and thus removed the interior door panels, wood, wheel covers and (obviously) the grille in advance.

December 5 , 2004

The owner stopped by to drop off the wheel cover trim rings (which are painted the lower body color) and pick up the bumper assemblies to be plated. We have been busy removing all of that and quite a bit more in the way of trim pieces.

We performed a number of "biopsies" to assess the underlying condition of the body.

Up until this point, all we found was a very thick accumulation of paint.

Note the area between the pin stripes: when the car was resprayed in the Eighties, they did not bother to remove the trim.

December 17, 2004

More trim bits removed, more biopsies.

January 3, 2005

All trim has been removed, as well as the "bonnet" and "boot". Car on dollies now. Paint removal has begun in earnest.

Quite a bit of accident damage on the left front fender.

Accident repair on left rear quarter panel with plenty of body filler.

We were going to recommended to the owner that it should be replaced until we found out how much a new quarter panel would cost. Much more cost effective to repair it.

The right rear quarter panel has its own problems.
In this photo the roof has been chemically stripped but not yet sanded down.
Aluminum "bonnet" and "boot" have been removed and completely stripped.

January 7, 2005

All doors are off, including latch mechanisms. Windshield is out and scuttle is removed and laying on engine.

Rear doors with stainless frames, glass, and lift mechanisms removed. Front doors off to left.
Rear glass removed.

February 18, 2005

All four doors (with aluminum skins) primed and ready to go.

March 15, 2005

Now we're getting somewhere. As you can see 98% of all the paint and filler materials have been removed and the quarter panels are ready to be assaulted.

This quarter is not quite as bad... That white strip just below the lower lip of the boot lid, though, is pure Bondo. We're investigating replacing the entire valance as a labor saving tactic. (Expecting a fax from Healey Bros. UK tomorrow morning...)
Right front quarter with fiberglass splash shields removed.
Only rotten area is this area: the extreme right part of rear valance. Oval hole is where the bumper is attached.

March 30, 2005

Well she's primed. The black swirls are the scratch coat which will reveal the low spots once block sanded.

Side view...
Rear valance is even uglier than the March 15th photos now that the prodigious amount of filler material has been removed.
Since the Healey Bros. replacment valance does not extend high enough to include the feature with the brazing material on it, The owner plans to call Tony Handler tomorrow and see if he can get him to liberate everything from the trunk lip on down from a donor car.
Starboard side.
Right side close up.

April 15, 2005

The owner visited the shop today to deliver polished trim pieces and pick up the remainder. The doors, boot and bonnet are all mounted to check fit.

The boot fit is actually a bit tight side to side. (All one can see in this photo, however, is that the boot is not fully closed.) Block sanding has not begun yet. Once it is block sanded, it will be primed again.

The owner located a proper rear valance at SC Works West in Newark, New Jersey and should have the part next week. None too soon! It's looking like it will be early June before she's back on the road.

April 29, 2005

Scott has been busy! You will notice most of the black swirls have been sanded off revealing the low spots which have been subsequently filled with the green filler.


A little bit of sanding left in the front...
Then there's that mangled rear valance: fortunately the replacement part has made it in, along with some fiberglass fender well pieces for the left front and a new boot lid carpet.
This salvaged valance is a mixed bag. It is in great shape, but it is a newer one which means the bumper cut outs are larger for the later 5 mph style and it also has a cut out for the straight through exhaust. Back on the plus side, however, SC Works West followed my request of where to cut the part out precisely. Scott says he can work with this piece to repair the damaged areas on my car.

May 13, 2005

The new panel has replaced the old inboard of those vertical weld marks. (The weld marks are authentic.)

Bumper hole cleaned up nicely. Rusty area to the right of vertical weld mark at the bottom of the valance is gone.
Entire car is sanded and re-primed.
Little filled areas here and there in the "cat walk."

So the big question is, where does the two tone color scheme make its transition in the door jams. We drove around the corner to Miller Motors. Jack Miller has a 1971 LWB Shadow in there, although he indicated that it had been resprayed. Nice interior except wood redone without painting the ends of the door caps and other minor details.

Check out their website.

Turns out the owner also had some pretty good photos of the door jams as well. Conveniently, the Eighties respray was bad enough that the door jams were never repainted. Therefore, we have our answer! Painting will begin in earnest next week.

May 20, 2005

In the foreground you can see that the inboard side of one of the front doors is painted. In the background we have Pewter in the bonnet channel and Brewster Green in the door jams.

You can see the green in the paint up close with the flash: gorgeous, fat, deep color!

May 27, 2005

Paul's been very busy for the last 24 hrs. When I was there the day before this photo was taken, Paul and his brother were just pushing it into the spray booth. Four coats of color and three coats clear are now on the car. Sanding with 1500 grit, 2000 and then buffing is next. We're still on track for reassembly to begin Tuesday after the holiday weekend. (Color coat is PPG Deltron DBC 2000.)

It's a tight squeeze to get photos from the back. Looks fantastic, though. The colors work perfectly together.
Color transition is exactly where it was originally.

June 2, 2005

Color transition looks great.

Trim starting to be reattached. How about that stainless steel polishing!

June 7, 2005

Right side windows in. Lots of brightwork reattached.

Top of driver's door has been clearcoated again.
Really starting to come together.

June 9, 2005

The car has been driven outside to assess the paint in the daylight.

Our only source of discontent at the moment is this weather strip which about an inch too long between the top corners of the door. Oddly, the other rear door is fine.

June 13, 2005

Scott's hiding behind the driver's door installing the last door seal. It fits, so it seems the ill fitting door seal issue is confined to only one door.

The grille is on: an iconic moment. Not pictured: the sill strips are on and the boot lid carpet is glued in place.

June 17, 2005

Front bumper is on and air intakes are in. The overriders are reversed left to right, so the bumper has to come off again to swap them.

Cowl and wood trim has been removed to ease windshield installation.
Hood pads have been installed. Sealing strips are in process. New wiper spindle jam nuts have been installed.

June 24, 2005

The rear glass is in. The wheel cover trim rings have been primed and are ready to paint. The owner decided today the the coach lines will be ivory. We're going to move the right rear door forward 1/16" to 3/32" to improve the gap. Other things to do: weld up the driver's floor pan, put the new seal on the left rear door and fix the horn (sounds funny).

The front overriders are now properly oriented and all of the wheel well shields are in and blacked out. Scott fashioned a bracket for the electric antenna motor because he didn't like how it was "just hanging in there."

July 1, 2005

Today's the big day, the windshield is in and she's pinstriped. Just a few things to do before I take her home, like for one: get this door cap to fit properly. Also done today: install the wood and cowl at the base of the windscreen.

Scott, Jon (the owner) and Paul (l-r) celebrate a job well done.

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