• Hot rods and customs!
  • Body work in both steel and aluminum
  • B0dy fabrication and customization in steel, aluminum and fiberglass
  • Sensitive touch-ups to old paint work
  • Complete bare metal repainting
  • Period paint appearance using modern urethane base coat/ clear coat

Typical Bare Metal Repainting Process

  • Stripping, sanding and body work
  • Primer
  • Post-primer scratch coat
  • Block sanding
  • Multiple color coats
  • Multiple clear coats
  • Block sanding and buffing

Shop Rate

  • $55/hr.
  • Car club discounts available

All projects are different, but to give you an idea of what's involved, click here to see a particularly well-documented 435-hr. '73 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow bare metal repaint.

1932 Ford

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